Netizens Are Praising NewJeans’ Haerin’s Beautiful IRL Visuals

She has the ultimate cat-like visuals!

NewJeans has taken the K-Pop industry by storm with their captivating music, pretty visuals, and eye-catching fashion, and it’s safe to say that their influence will continue to grow as their career does.

NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

It seems like each time they perform live, they get newfound praise and admiration from netizens, whether as a group or as individual members.

| @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

And recently, Haerin in particular has been getting a lot of attention for her visuals!

Haerin (NewJeans)

During a recent performance, the second-youngest member of NewJeans was looking chic and pretty in a tasteful dress and blazer paired with a dark green beret and a hairstyle that framed her face and ears cutely.

The idol, who has already been compared to cats for her kitten-like visuals, looked even more cat-like in her styling for this showcase!

Her look even became the subject of a post on an online article, titled “NewJeans’ Haerin’s real-life visuals are insane”.

All of these pictures taken by fans were shared on the post, which really show just how effortlessly pretty Haerin is without any editing!

Netizens shared in the comments of the post how they felt about her adorable feline visuals.

  • Seriously she’s the most cat-like person I’ve seen… She’s a cat
  • “I’ve seen so many people talk about how fancy her eyes looked, but even her lower face is seriously pretty. Her nose bridge is pretty and her jawline is also sharp. Her lips are small like a kitty too”
  • “Wow somehow I feel like even if she was a man, she would’ve been f*cking hansdome… Her eyes are too pretty”
  • “She’s seriously the real cat type… I’ve seen so many celebrities get business posts about how much they look like cat types but she’s the real deal… Seriously she looks like a Russian Blue cat… Her ears also look refreshingly big which makes her look even prettier. She’s so pretty”
  • “When I saw NewJeans for the first time, Minji stood out the most, but the 2nd time, Haerin stood out the most”
  • “She has a cute personality too…the quiet type mostly listening and paying attention to what the members are saying”
  • “She is the most cat looking idol ever”

NewJeans’ members’ popularity seems to only be going up with each day that passes, and it’s easy to see why!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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