NewJeans’ Hanni Showcases New Bleached Hair Color But Netizens Are On The Fence

From cute puppy to hot girl.

NewJeansHanni has been known for her puppy-like cuteness since her debut. Her innocent and fresh charms were credited to her smile and her long, dark hair!

Hanni with dark hair. | Chaumet

She made an explosive transformation right before the Gucci fashion show. As their ambassador, Hanni pulled up to the event in a sleek luxury car. What shocked fans was her long blond hair!

| @newjeans_official/Instagram

She did a total 180 from her usual cute style. The blocked layers in her hair gave off a chic feel.

| @newjeans_official/Instagram

She went from looking like a cute puppy to a sharp cat!

| @newjeans_official/Instagram

Despite her looking amazing, many felt that she could’ve been done better by her stylist. The shade of blond seemed to go against her naturally warm peach tones.

Korean netizens react. | theqoo
  • Strangely it’s going against her tone…?
  • I love blond Hanni.
  • I don’t think she suits it.
  • I lurve it.
  • It’s going against her tone…
  • It’s charming.
  • She’s pretty, but I like her black hair.
  • The wig looks real.

Even international netizens had to agree that the color and cut did not suit the star.

International netizens react. | Pannchoa

As a K-Pop idol, we applaud Hanni for being willing to experiment with various hair colors and styles! After all, it keeps things interesting on the fashion and styling front. She looks radiant anyhow.

Source: theqoo and Pannchoa