NewJeans’ Hanni Receives Mixed Reactions After Showcasing A More Mature Look At A Chaumet Event

“It’s not that pretty… disappointed.”

NewJeansHanni has showcased a more mature look at a recent event, but not everyone is a fan.

NewJeans’ Hanni | @newjeans_twt/Twitter

Despite only debuting last year, like the rest of the members, Hanni has already made her mark in the designer world after becoming an ambassador for Gucci.

On August 8, Hanni attended an event in Seoul for the fashion brand Chaumet. Compared to previous events, Hanni was seemingly dressed in a more mature look as she wore a simple white dress with black trimming paired with some simple heels.

As expected, whether she was walking into the event or having her photo taken by the media, the idol shined in a much different look to what fans usually see worn by Hanni.

Yet, the beautifully elegant look seemed to garner mixed responses from Korean netizens.

While many thought Hanni looked cute, many weren’t a fan of the styling, with some saying that the brand isn’t something suited for younger idols and it was disappointing compared to other events she has attended.

| theqoo
  •  “Chaumet… is not really a brand that young idols consume, and there’s just a lot of things dangling… it’s not that pretty ㅠㅠ disappointed.”
  • “Her makeup style is slightly retro; it aligns with NewJeans’ concept but still ㅠㅠ”
  • “It’s pretty but not the best… for one, the sandals are a no ㅠ”
  • “It’s alright, but I don’t think it’s a mature look.”
  • “So cute; she’s my fave these days”
  • “She’s so cute and pretty, hehehe.”
  • “What a breath of fresh air, Pham Hanni.”
  • “Cute, but the styling is not the best.”

While the look isn’t for everyone, Hanni’s visuals and charm definitely make her shine wherever she goes!

Source: theqoo