Why NewJeans Went Through “A Lot Of Hardships” Pre-Debut Because Of Their Trainer’s Method, According To Hanni

Few groups experienced this.

It’s no secret that training to be a K-Pop idol isn’t easy. Some hardships include busy schedules, stress, pressure, and strict diets. In NewJeans‘ case, another difficult aspect they experienced was the dance method that their trainer wanted them to master.

Hanni talked all about it in a guest appearance on Leemujin Service where she covered songs like “Just A Feeling,” “wa-r-r,” and “Lucky.”

Host Lee Mujin broached the topic when he asked how NewJeans is able to seem “like one body” while doing different moves. He noticed that unlike other K-Pop groups, they aren’t always synchronized when dancing.

When we look up videos of NewJeans on stage or in music videos, we can see that there is something different from K-Pop as we know it. K-Pop idols have developed so that their dancing is all in synch. That’s what made them cool, and that’s swag. But when we see NewJeans, the moves are not all the same or in synch, but you still seem like one body. There’s this indescribable vibe that only NewJeans has. How do you do it? Does practice make it possible?

— Lee Mujin

The “Ditto” singer explained that it was precisely because of that style of dancing that she and her members experienced “a lot of hardships” while practicing for their debut. Their trainer wanted them to appear like they were one body. However, they were told their movements couldn’t be the same. The girls were so perplexed, they asked, “How do we do that?

We went through a lot of hardships when we were practicing for our debut because of this very reason. Our trainer told us that we have to seem like one body, but our moves can’t be the same. How are we supposed to do that? So we were all like ‘How do we do that?

— Hanni

Luckily, they were able to make it work. They discovered that the key to mastering it was simply to be confident, dance in any way they want, and have fun. By doing these actions, they were able to show off their signature colors.

But I think the most important thing is to enjoy it. Especially in the case of ‘Hype Boy’ and ‘Cookie,’ we have to show off our colors well in order to appear like one body. But if we don’t show off our colors well or seem unconfident, the whole picture also appears that way. So we tell each other that we should be confident, dance however we want, and enjoy it. I think that’s our secret.

— Hanni

It’s what makes NewJeans who they are!

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