NewJeans Become A Hot Topic For Their Change In Outfit Style At Their Recent Airport Appearance

Without designer brands, netizens saw it as more age appropriate!

Since debuting, ADOR‘s new girl group NewJeans has gained attention for their fashion and outfits during their schedules.

The members of NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter
| @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

Recently, the members became a hot topic for more age-appropriate and casual looks.

On April 6, NewJeans arrived at the airport to travel to Japan for an overseas schedule. As expected, the idols looked amazing in denim looks that were all different but cohesive.

NewJeans at Gimpo Airport on the way to Japan on April 6

Looking at each member’s outfit, it seemed to perfectly combine the concept the group has always loved to emphasize, being Y2K but also style and comfort. While most netizens assume that idols treat airport arrivals like a catwalk, NewJeans showcased style in a casual and more relatable way.

NewJeans’ Hyein
NewJeans’ Haerin
NewJeans’ Danielle
NewJeans’ Hanni
NewJeans’ Minji

When the videos and photos were released, netizens couldn’t stop gushing over the outfits.

They couldn’t stop sharing just how genuine and authentic the members looked.

| Newsen/YouTube

In particular, netizens praised the looks after comparing them to past appearances at the airport. The members are ambassadors for huge brands and work with many companies, despite being rookies.

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Although the members always look stunning, they are normally seen in designer clothes when leaving the country, showcasing a more mature and luxurious side.

NewJeans’ Hyein in Louis Vuitton
NewJeans’ Danielle in Burberry
NewJeans’ Minji in Chanel

Although there were some “designer” pieces, NewJeans looked a lot more casual and age-appropriate for netizens.

While the looks were different from the past, the members immediately landed in Japan and headed to a Musinsa schedule where netizens also believed they radiated very different vibes with their looks. At the event, the members had more relaxed vibes with their outfits, perfectly radiating the Y2K vibes the group is known for.

NewJeans in Japan at a Musinsa event

In particular, the more casual looks the members showed on March 6 seemingly contrasted the outfits and styles they’ve recently been seen with.

Along with their designer looks at the airport, the members gained attention at a recent Apple event for more mature styling, especially Hyein and Haerin.

The more “mature” outfits worn at an Apple event | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

While NewJeans always looks amazing, it isn’t surprising that netizens prefer the members’ more casual and age-appropriate looks.

Source: Instiz