“Realistic Reaction From A Middle Schooler” — NewJeans’ Hyein Goes Viral For Her Reaction To Hollywood Stars Kissing In Front Of Her

Right in front of her salad.

NewJeansHyein may be the coolest 15-year-old ever, but in the face of some situations, she’s still a bumbly, adorably awkward teen.

The precocious star attended Louis Vuitton’s fashion show in Paris on October 2, 2023. She looked super charismatic in a tailored jumpsuit.

| @newjeans_official/Instagram

As she took her place in the first row, she was left to her own devices until the show began. Rather than excitedly socializing, she sat in her seat shyly. Fans found her reaction to two Hollywood stars kissing hilarious.

As many Western stars use cheek kisses, or bisous, as a form of greeting, it didn’t raise any eyebrows when Chloe Moretz leaned in for a double bisous with her acquaintance. For a Korean middle-schooler such as Hyein, the situation was awkward to react to.

A middle-schooler stuck in the middle of two women bisous-ing is weirdly funny.

— forestofwho

The video soon went viral with over 429,000 views. Hyein did not know how to react, or where to look. The awkward smile on her face is simply adorable.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo

It seems like many netizens agreed.

  • Her eyes got big, and I can totally see her eyes darting around. It’s even cuter.
  • Is this baby an introvert? She’s so me.
  • She’s so cute.
  • Ah, so funny and cute.
  • Ah, so cute.
  • Cute.
  • What shall we do with this baby? So cute.

Charismatic and cool at work, an adorable baby off-duty!

Source: Theqoo