“Stop Copying” NewJeans’ Hyein Suspected Of Dissing ILLIT As Past Post Resurfaces

Hyein’s post is garnering massive attention.

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NewJeans member Hyein‘s past post is raising eyebrows.

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On April 24, MK Sports reported that Hyein seemed to have taken a shot at ILLIT for plagiarizing her group. The allegations stem from Hyein’s past post.

On March 25, Hyein uploaded several photos to NewJeans’ community PHONING. In the photos, fans couldn’t help but notice the words “Stop Copying.”

MK Sports
MK Sports

The allegations that this was a shot at HYBE are given credence when you consider that March 25 was ILLIT’s debut date. The group debuted with their single “Magnetic,” an undeniable hit that has long been plagued by allegations that the group had copied NewJeans.

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According to the report, there are fans who claimed the words were meant for member Haerin, who wore the same clothes as her, still the timing of the post is uncanny.

Whether the posts were a diss or not, the photos have resurfaced at a precarious time for NewJeans, who are in the middle of HYBE and ADOR’s power struggle. The feud is sparking widespread interest in seeing what the members themselves think and which side they align with.

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: mk sports

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