NewJeans’ Hyein To Go On Hiatus

She injured her foot.

NewJeansmaknae Hyein will be taking a break.

NewJeans' Hyein
NewJeans’ Hyein | ADOR

On April 10, ADOR announced via Weverse application Phoning that Hyein had been injured recently during practice. She has a microfracture in her foot, so she has been advised to limit movements and rest until fully recovered.

| Phoning
| Phoning

This is ADOR.

We regret to bring you unfortunate news regarding NewJeans member Hyein.
She will be taking a break from her activities due to an injury sustained during practice.

Pain in the top of her foot during practice prompted her to [go to] the hospital, where she underwent a thorough examination and discovered a microfracture in her foot. The medical staff advised her to limit her movement as much as possible until she recovered.

Accordingly, Hyein will pause her activities and focus on recovery and recuperation.
We will do our very best to support Hyein so she can resume her activities in good health.

Thank you.


So, Hyein will temporarily halt activities for the time being. NewJeans is scheduled to make a comeback with a double single on May 24.


Fans are heartbroken to hear of Hyein’s injury. They wish her a speedy recovery, hoping that she can join her members for the scheduled comeback.

Get well soon, Hyein!


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