“She’s Just Like Us” — NewJeans’ Hyein Reveals The Hilarious Items In Her Bag That Remind Us She’s Only 15

Meme queen! πŸ˜‚

Hyein is the youngest member of one of the most up and coming 4th generation girl groups NewJeans and a global ambassador of luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

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Having already achieved so much, you might forget that she’s still only 15 years old!

Even with her super cool exterior, she’s still just a relatable teen! Recently, during her “What’s In My Bag?” video with BAZAAR Korea, she proved just that.

Revealing her gorgeous Louis Vuitton purse, she shared that it was a gift and even has her initials on it!

The bag is quite special to her since she carried it to her first Louis Vuitton fashion show.

She had some designer items, including her Louis Vuitton wallet.

However, the more she dug into the bag, the more she revealed some funny things! She took out her AirPods case that was missing a lid.

However, she keeps it because she loves the monkey design!

Additionally, she even brings along a fun game that we all know and love: Tamagotchi! Fans couldn’t help but laugh as they thought, “only Hyein would add a Tamagotchi keychain to a Louis Vuitton purse!”

From broken items to games, Hyein is truly a relatable queen!

Watch her full video below.


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