Fans Can’t Help But Rave About NewJeans Hyein’s Vogue Pictorial With Louis Vuitton

“Hyein, just do pictorials forever.”

Vogue Korea released its pictorial with NewJeansHyein, and netizens are raving about how it turned out.

Hyein | Vogue Korea

The photoshoot was conducted in collaboration with designer brand Louis Vuitton and showcased the idol’s unique look and her signature nonchalant-chic visuals.

Despite the idol debuting just months ago, Hyein exudes a disposition that of an industry veteran and looks seemingly unfazed by this monumental pictorial.

Netizens almost unanimously praised the idol, stating that the pictorial cements her and the group’s status as one of Korea’s fastest-rising stars.

  • “I’ve always been a fan of Hyein… From the way she performs, she is a prodigy and also is charming.”
  • “Wow, LOL.”
  • “Hyein, just do pictorials forever.”
  • “She really gives off model vibes… No matter what she wears, she looks like a model.”
  • “Even from her music videos, she seemed like a fashion model. She is a natural.”
  • “Wow, is she really a middle schooler? She’s really amazing.”
  • “Wow, the baby pulled it off.”
  • “Her charms are out of this world… She’s really a treasure.”

Hyein debuted with the group NewJeans in August 2022. Since the group’s inception, they have shot to fame and are now one of Korea’s most in-demand idols. The group is hard to miss on Korean television these days due to being featured in many commercials, from cellular networks to financial services.

Source: theqoo