NewJeans’ Mascot Is Creeping Out K-Pop Fans Again

“Like it looks like it dances “Hype Boy” on its victims’ corpses whenever NewJeans isn’t promoting.”

About a month ago, a Reddit post was created by a K-Pop fan who found the NewJeans mascot, a cartoon-style bunny, unsettling. And they weren’t the only one — according to comments by others, it was actually a pretty common opinion!

Cover art for New Jeans

For the girl group’s debut album New Jeans, the rabbit was designed in a blue shade, which is generally a calming color. Still, the design of the actual bunny itself just seemed threatening somehow to some people, leading to some pretty funny comments!

The conversation seemed to die down in the weeks following, during the time leading up to NewJeans’ first comeback. And now that their latest album, OMG, has been released, more fans are even more vocal about their distrust in the bunny mascot!

NewJeans | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

For the pre-release single “Ditto”, the same design was used once again… But this time in a much more ominous red color.

And then for the release of OMG, the same design appeared once more… This time in black!

This has led to fans who already found the bunny disturbing even more creeped out, and some people who didn’t get the creep factor before are understanding of it now!

A new Reddit thread was created recently to discuss the topic, and the comments are both relatable and hilarious.

The NewJeans bunny definitely slays people on it’s free time from kpopthoughts

Here’s someone whose opinion has changed after the release of the new designs!

According to this commenter, the creepiness factor might just keep going up in the future!

What do you think? Is the NewJeans bunny endearing, or is there something sinister going on with it? 😂

Source: Reddit


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