NewJeans To Collaborate With McDonald’s And Everyone Can’t Wait To Get Their Hands On The Special Meal

The “NewJeans Meal” will be coming soon.

Girl group NewJeans will be the new K-Pop group to endorse fast-food chains McDonalds. Previously, ITZY had helped to promote the brand. They shot a couple of advertisements for the chain, despite not having a dedicated meal set allocated to them.

The girls made burgers look super luxurious.

| McDonald’s

BTS also had a special meal set with McDonalds, the iconic “BTS Meal.” Everyone fought for their piece of the limited edition purple box sets and sauces.

| McDonald’s

They also shot an adorable commercial.

| McDonald’s

On February 25, 2023, the official McDonald’s website teased fans with an image of the “NewJeans Meal.” Decorated with their signature bunny mascot and denim blue, it is sure to soon become a collectors’ item.

| McDonald’s

Netizens expressed their excitement for the collaboration.

| Nate Pann
  • “The entire world is NewJeans.”
  • “Wow, I gotta go eat it the moment it is out. It would be great if they have figurines of the members or something as the Happy Meal toy. But I also hope that the packaging color would be another color as that blue kind of puts off my appetite LOL. Anyway, I can’t wait.”
  • “Did ITZY get replaced?”
  • “Wow, pretty. I need to collect one set.”
  • “The NewJeans bunny for the Happy Meal toy?? I need to go it from the store in my neighborhood. I’m going to buy a kids meal.”

We totally can’t wait for it to be released too! More details will be coming up so stay tuned!

Source: Nate Pann


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