NewJeans Fans Are Absolutely In Love With Minji’s Beautiful Tan Skin

No ๐Ÿ‘ more ๐Ÿ‘ whitewashing ๐Ÿ‘

The topic of skin color is undoubtedly a controversial and touchy one when it comes to the K-Pop industry, and Asian culture in general.

Jun (SEVENTEEN) whitewashed vs. un-whitewashed

K-Pop idols that don’t fit the beauty standard of having pale, porcelain skin have been the topic of criticism and senseless hate throughout the music genre’s history, and it’s still a prevalent problem even today.

Jimin and Suga (BTS) whitewashed vs. un-whitewashed

Thankfully, though, many fans seem to be encouraging and promoting not whitewashing the photos of K-Pop idols these days, and letting their real skin tone shine! Idols with naturally tan complexions are getting the praise they deserve, and among those idols is rookie girl group idolย Minji ofย NewJeans.

Minji (NewJeans)

Her visuals have been complimented by tons of netizens since she debuted earlier this year, with her youthful glow and sporty vibe appealing to many. And on a recent online forum, a post was made appreciating her tan complexion in particular!

Unfortunately, like nearly every idol, she has had her share of photos — particularly performance photos — that have been altered to make her look much paler.


But on this post, several photos are shared of Minji that seem less altered, maybe even not edited at all, that show her naturally gorgeous tan!

With NewJeans quickly becoming a massive influence in the K-Pop community, it’s wonderful to see Minji getting such high praise from so many people for her natural appearance.

There are a ton of comments on the online post that show just how many people are in love with her charming looks!

| HYBE Labels
  • “I like how they are not forcing her to look whiter…”
  • “Her skin tone makes her look rather calm and healthy so I like it even more…”
  • “She looks like a class president who likes PE class”
  • “I also find her more charming because of it..! Back then, there was a perception that they had to have fair skin but nowadays, people look at idols as a whole so she looks even more charming”
  • “So many visuals have darker (for their standard) skin tones so I think they should stop being so obsessed with whitewashing”
  • “Tanned skin on idols is so beautiful, gives them a glow ๐Ÿ˜ โœจ”
  • “Minji is so beautiful and handsome. I save every picture of her that I see”

We hope to see more K-Pop idols able to love and embrace their natural complexions as time passes, as well as the fans that follow them!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa


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