NewJeans’ Minji Goes Viral For Her Epic Dissing Of An Online Hater

Unbothered queen!

NewJeansMinji is going viral for her yet another sassy handling of a hater.

Minji | @newjeans_official/Instagram

When it comes to shutting down haters, Minji has set herself an impressive track record. During a previous livestream with the group’s youngest, Hyein, Minji swiftly took notice of some offensive comments and wasted no time in taking screenshots mid-streaming.

Later, ADOR announced that they would be taking legal action against the commenter, leading fans to praise Minji’s presence of mind and no-nonsense attitude toward anti-fans.

A few days ago, the idol showed that same energy to another meaningless hate comment. On February 5, KST, a user on the fan communication app Phoning, sent a hate message to the idol. The text read, “Minji, I hate you.”

Minji took notice and decided to respond with a simple yet effective diss. In her reply, Minji only put a giggling emoji, showing how unbothered she was by the mindless negativity.

This incident brought the NewJeans member quite the praise from her fanbase. However, it seems to have caught special attention in China. Minji’s response to the hater has become a hot topic on the Chinese social media platform, Weibo, drawing mostly positive reactions.

Minji receiving praises for dealing with her hater with elegance | Weibo

This is, however, not the first time Minji has drawn attention to her strict way of dealing with haters. Previously, when she was caught up in an absurd “Kalguksu controversy,” she tried to clear the air with a straightforward response. But in that case, the backlash only intensified, leading Minji to offer a formal apology, which many deemed unnecessary. You can read more about the incident here.