NewJeans’ Minji Hits Back At A Rude Fan In The Kindest Way Possible

When savage meets grace.

NewJeans member Minji is currently winning the hearts of netizens for the way she handled an unexpected comment during an event recently.

| @newjeans_official/Instagram

At one of the recent fansigns of the group, an audience member reportedly yelled a rude question at Minji. According to another fan present in the venue, the person sitting next to them asked Minji where she got her nose job done, adding that she would also like to get it done from the same place.

After NewJeans’ debut, just like every other idol group, the members have faced “controversies” regarding their appearance, among other things. Minji got a lot of attention for her visuals, which also drew in all sorts of speculations regarding plastic surgery. One of the most circulated rumors about her currently is that she got her nose done before debuting due to the difference in her pre-debut appearance and now.

Minji as a child | theqoo

Minji during NewJeans’ debut | @newjeans_official/Instagram

The question clearly alluded to the malicious rumors, which annoyed fans at the fansign. But Minji handled it like a seasoned professional. Apparently, the idol politely replied to the questioner, “Unnie, why would you get a new job? You’re already pretty as you are, don’t get any work done on it.”

As word got out, netizens couldn’t help praising the singer for handling such a surprising situation with so much grace.

  • “Minji.. the way she handled that was really wise~ I hope even happier days await her.”
  • “Ah, she handled it so well.. very good ㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “I hope Minji doesn’t meet such weird people and takes care of herself well, our princess Minji.”
  • “Ah Minji ㅜㅜㅜ ❤❤ it must’ve been shocking to hear such a rude question, but she handled it in such a loving manner…I love Minji unnie (and, of course, the other members, too 💙 ).”
  • “Minji knows how to hold her ground, she’s so cool…”
  • “Minji was the bigger person. I hope she doesn’t let comments like this hurt her. Love all the members, and I only want the best for them! I’ll always support you.”

If this isn’t the brightest example of “kill them with kindness”!