NewJeans Minji And Hyein’s Unconventional Response To “Shocking” And “Hateful” Comments During A Live Broadcast

They took matters into their own hands!

Live broadcasts are the perfect way for idols to interact with fans.

BTS Jungkook on Weverse Live | BTS/Weverse

Yet, live broadcasts allow fans to comment, but they aren’t always positive.

Whenever most idols receive hate on live broadcasts, the fans will normally take matters into their own hands and send screenshots to the company to take action. Yet, this couldn’t be more different in the case of NewJeans’ Hyein and Minji.

NewJeans’ Hyein and Minji | ADOR

As the oldest and youngest members of NewJeans, the two have always had the sweetest friendship, and they are more like siblings.

On December 4, the two did a special live broadcast for fans where they chatted about everything and anything.

While NewJeans love communicating with fans, they are also subjected to hate comments. In particular, during the broadcast, Hyein pointed out that she had seen a mean comment towards Minji, and it seemed like they had both noticed.

As soon as they saw it, Hyein asked Minji if she had seen the ID, and her member replied, “Yeah, I captured it.” While idols see hate comments a lot, it must have been prominent as the group’s youngest member added, “That was so mean.”

If that wasn’t enough, Hyein must’ve seen another “shocking” comment. Luckily, even though she explained that she didn’t have time to capture it, Minji was one step ahead of her.

Hyein: Hi… we just saw a shocking comment. We were about to capture it but couldn’t-
 I captured it, I did it.

Hyein seemed relieved to hear that, and they seemed to mean business as she added, “You just wait.”

Later in the broadcast, Hyein saw some hate comments, and without thinking, Minji went to screenshot it.

When the video was shared, netizens hit back at the haters but praised the idols for their blunt response to what they had seen. Being so young could’ve impacted the idols a lot, but ADOR seemed to have taught the members to be proactive.

ADOR later announced that because of the malicious comments, only those subscribed would be allowed to comment.

Many fans believe that more idols should be more direct during broadcasts when receiving hate.

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