NewJeans’ Minji Gains Attention For Her Innocent Visuals In Unedited Photos At “Seoul Fashion Week 2023”

Her best look to date.

The girls of NewJeans participated in Seoul Fashion Week 2023’s opening on September 5, 2023. They combined army patterns and styles such as cargo print and military boots with girlish flair.

Minji gained attention in particular for her unrivalled beauty, even in unedited journalist photos.

She sported a white long-sleeved top over a cargo skirt.

With her hair in long waves and her makeup kept light, she looked like the epitome of youth and purity.

Her visuals have definitely hit a new peak with this lovely look.

We can’t believe that these photos are unedited and taken by journalists’ harsh cameras.

Netizens were also in awe at her legendary visuals that day.

Netizen reactions. | Nate Pann
  • Minji’s form is insane recently.
  • Pretty.
  • She’s pretty today.
  • Insane if she’s at this level in journalist photos.

Other comments continue to sing praise about her timeless beauty. Even in fantaken photos on phone camera, Minji looks flawless.

| @minjicentral/Twitter

Even in potato quality photos, her features are distinct.

| @minjicentral/Twitter

You can also check out her beauty in video.

Of course, fansites were present to capture the iconic moment.

It’s almost insane how beautiful Minji is!

Source: Nate Pann