NewJeans’s Minji Stuns With Her Gorgeous Looks In Middle School

Her ex-schoolmates have nothing but praise for her.

NewJeans has barely stepped onto the scene and yet they’re already creating a buzz. Their pre-debut music video, “Attention”, has already gotten close to 7 million views in just a few days. One of the standout members, Minji, is fast gaining attention for her innocent yet sharp looks. With doe eyes, clear skin, and a side profile to envy, she’s becoming a favorite amongst fans.


One of her ex-schoolmates stepped up on an online forum, Nate Pann, to share Minji’s pre-debut photos from middle school.

Although they did not identify themselves, they praised Minji’s kind and bright personality.

Of course, the schoolmate also gushed about how gorgeous Minji was, even in middle school.

It is known that Minji is one of the members with the longest training periods in the group. Although unspecified, director and CEO Min Hee Jin has stated that Minji has been training with the company for a few years.

With such looks, it’s almost hard to imagine what Minji would’ve been if not an idol.

Some people were just born with it! Be sure to check out the girls’ debut track, “Attention”.

Source: Nate Pann