NewJeans Slays As The New Models For Clothing Brand O!Oi

They were signed on after BLACKPINK Rosé’s contract expired.

Rookie girl group NewJeans has been chosen as the new models for clothing brand O!Oi. The brand is highly popular amongst teens and 20s. BLACKPINK‘s Rosé had modeled for the brand for a few years but it looks like her contract has since expired.

Thanks to Rosé, the brand gained a luxurious and preppy image.

Rosé for O!Oi. | O!Oi

Her uniquely quiet yet chic and feminine vibes helped shape the brand into what it is today.

Rosé for O!Oi. | O!Oi

The brand has signed on new models as of October 2022. Starting with their F/W collection, NewJeans will be modeling for the brand.

Hyein for O!Oi. | O!Oi

The response for the selection of the new models was fantastic, given that NewJeans is the hottest rookie girl group around.

Haerin for O!Oi. | O!Oi

NewJeans’ sporty and youthful image will also help to reset the group’s image into a younger and more approachable one.

Danielle for O!Oi. | O!Oi

With the average age of NewJeans being in the late teens, the new shift is perfect for students.

Hanni for O!Oi. | O!Oi

The Y2K inspiration that the girls have also suit O!Oi perfectly.

Minji for O!Oi. | O!Oi

They looked cosy and perfect in the F/W clothes.

NewJeans for O!Oi. | O!Oi

Delicate but sporty, trendy but casual!

NewJeans for O!Oi. | O!Oi
NewJeans for O!Oi. | O!Oi
NewJeans for O!Oi. | O!Oi
NewJeans for O!Oi. | O!Oi
NewJeans for O!Oi. | O!Oi
NewJeans for O!Oi. | O!Oi
NewJeans for O!Oi. | O!Oi

Netizens were absolutely in agreement with the new models. The girls suited the clothes and concept perfectly.

| theqoo
  • “Wow, they suit it perfectly. Pretty.”
  • “They soooo suit it. It’s a perfect match.”
  • “As soon as I saw the title of the post, as I clicked in, I thought they’d f*cking suit it.”
  • “Their eyes are as huge as bells. The clothing style suits the girls.”
  • “Perfect fit.”
  • “It matches Danielle so well.”

With NewJeans’ grip hold over the female fans in South Korea, it’s a no brainer that they will help push the brand to even greater popularity!

Source: theqoo


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