Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To The Lyrics In NewJeans’ New Coca-Cola Collaboration Song “Zero”

“I was really enjoying the song but…”

Despite only debuting in 2022, ADOR‘s girl group NewJeans has undoubtedly shown an unexpected dominance in the industry. Whether through their music stats, brand deals, or much more, the popularity was unprecedented.

The members of NewJeans | @newjeans_ADOR/Twitter

Since they debuted, it seems like the members have showcased their popularity by making huge deals with top brands. Whether it’s as a group for brands like Levi’s, or individually for designers like Armani and Burberry, NewJeans has taken over.

NewJeans shots with Levi’s
NewJeans’ Hanni as ambassador for Armani Beauty
NewJeans’ Danielle for Burberry

In March, NewJeans’ influence was felt even more when it was announced that the members were the newest ambassadors for Coca-Cola.

NewJeans with Coca-Cola

Although the song is an advertisement, the subtle nods to the brand mean that NewJeans could easily release this as their own single and top the charts. The lyrics were summery, and if you didn’t know it was for a collaboration, you wouldn’t bat an eyelid at the words.

| NewJeans/YouTube
| NewJeans/YouTube    

Yet, while most fans couldn’t stop praising the song and the members, one part collectively gained mixed reactions and had netizens confused. The whole song was great and exuded the perfect vibes for the group, which made people forget it was an advert… until the chorus.

Not only did the song change tempo and genre almost, the lyrics started incorporating the brand in the most obvious and thus random ways.

Coca-Cola is Tasty
See you looking, catch it
Here’s your Cola

— “Zero” lyrics

| NewJeans/YouTube
| NewJeans/YouTube

In the YouTube comments and on Twitter, netizens found the random Coca-Cola reference just wrong.

While they understood the song was an advertisement, they didn’t understand why it was just so randomly placed and obvious in the chorus alone. The rest of the song had a very “NewJeans” vibe to it that was abruptly interrupted to emphasize the main purpose of the song.

Yet, not everyone was negative about the brand endorsement being included in the chorus. Many explained that ADOR and Coca-Cola had been smart in connecting nostalgia with the track.

While the marketing was undoubtedly clever, it isn’t surprising that netizens have mixed opinions of the song. The lyrics and concept had the ability to become a general hit song for the group, but the chorus blatantly steers it into the route of advertising, losing appeal, especially for global fans.


Source: NewJeans


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