NewJeans Has Been Announced As Pepero’s “Global Ambassadors” But Netizens Mock The Brand For “Trying Too Hard”

“Are they trying to copy luxury brands?”

NewJeans was recently announced as the new models for Lotte WellFood Co’s Pepero snack. The snack’s popularity has grown globally, leading the company to go all out in their promotions for the food.

NewJeans for Pepero.

Once a simple snack food that kids enjoy, Pepero now signifies more than just a sweet treat. November 11 has become known as “Pepero Day,” a day where friends and lovers can gift their loved ones with the treat to express their love. It is also a popular present on Valentine’s Day and White Day. It’s no wonder that the snack’s slogan is now, “say it with Pepero.”

While many are happy for NewJeans about the new deal, others wondered why the brand chose to term the group as their “ambassadors.” Historically, when brands and products in South Korea announced any celebrity endorsers, they were always called “models.” The term “ambassador” only popped up after global luxury brands began using Korean celebrities for their campaigns.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • “They’re cute and match well with it. Since students love commemorating Pepero Day, I think that they’re the perfect models for this. But, the term ‘ambassador…’ Haha. If you want to pick a bone, isn’t it actually funny how you only can use the term on luxury brand models? Let’s just call all of them models.”
  • “It’s sooooo funny how we’re putting Pepero and ‘global ambassador’ in the same sentence LOL.”
  • “But all the photos are pretty and they suit it well.”
  • “Seems like they’re called ambassadors because they’ll be used for 17 countries. They suit it. Seems like they have shot many CFs.”
  • “Are they plotting to spread Pepero Day to the whole world?”
  • “It’s funny to call them ambassadors, but the combination of words is cute. They even put an exclamation point at the end of it like, ‘NewJeans chosen as Pepero ambassadors!’ Cute.”
  • “Cute.”
  • “Pepero ambassadors? LOOOOL.”

It has always been the intention of luxury brands that their chosen celebrity endorsers embody the brand and carry the brand’s message. Perhaps this is why the term “ambassador” has been applied to the endorsers. On the other hand, some netizens also pointed out that both “model” and “ambassador” are words adopted from the English language anyway. Is there really much difference between the two? Should the term “ambassador” be limited to use by luxury brands only? The question still hangs heavy in the air as netizens continue the debate.

Source: Theqoo