NewJeans’ Performance Director Calls Out ILLIT’s Alleged Choreography Plagiarism

She created most of NewJeans’ choreography since debut.

Recently, ILLIT was accused once more of copying NewJeans‘ choreography. This time, netizens accused ILLIT’s “Lucky Girl Syndrome” of copying NewJeans’ choreography for their McDonald’s CF. Fans found that the chorus moves for “Lucky Girl Syndrome” were highly similar to the short snippet NewJeans showcased.

ILLIT Accused Of Plagiarizing NewJeans’ McDonald’s CF Choreography For “Lucky Girl Syndrome” — Netizens React

At the start of the chorus, ILLIT rubs their palms together along with some footwork.

NewJeans also does the same.

One of NewJeans’ performance directors, Kim Eun Ju, has spoken up about this directly. She takes a hit at the group’s management for the outright copying, clarifying that she has held it in up to this point. However, ILLIT’s plagiarism of even a short dance made for a commercial was the final straw.


“Huh? Is this for real? Even the choreography for a commercial? I’ve been holding it in all this while, but isn’t this too much to call ‘a coincidence?’ Sure, things can be similar! But if you ‘reference,’ usually you would change moves a little out of respect for each other, but this simply a copy-and-paste.”

— Kim Eun Ju

Kim Eun Ju has choreographed many dances for NewJeans. She was included in their choreography since the start, creating “Cookie,” “Hype Boy,” “Super Shy,” and more. She often proudly features her work and dancing credits on social media.

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 12.49.01 AM
Kim Eun Ju posting about her choregraphy for “Hype Boy.”


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