“NewJeans Members Are Raised With Love”: ADOR’s CEO Min Hee Jin Is Praised For The Way She Directs NewJeans

Is positive reinforcement the way to go?

Min Hee Jin, the CEO of ADOR, is receiving praise for the way she vocal directed NewJeans during the recording of their latest hit, “Super Shy.”

NewJeans | @newjeans_official/Instagram

On July 7, NewJeans released “Super Shy” and gave the world a new dance challenge to film, with their synchronized arm dance and waacking.

ADOR also released behind-the-scenes footage of the girls recording “Super Shy,” and people couldn’t help but notice Min Hee Jin’s role during the process. First, fans and netizens praised her dedication and passion as she actively participated in the recording process, working closely with the NewJeans members to bring out the best in their performance.

A vocal director is someone who gives guidance and direction to singers during a recording to bring out the best techniques and skills that suit the respective song. Min Hee Jin took on this role during NewJeans’ recording of the hit song, and as each member recorded their parts, she brought a positive and encouraging atmosphere to the studio with her compliments and advice. For example, when Hyein had a cold and seemed disappointed that she couldn’t give her best voice, Min Hee Jin said her “sick voice” sounded good and that she just needed to be confident.

| NewJeans/YouTube 

She even gave the members necklaces as gifts!


When netizens saw this clip of Min Hee Jin’s vocal directing, they commented on how positive she was during the process.

| NewJeans_Shorts_Unofficial/YouTube
  • “The CEO compliments the members very often”
  • “Her direction has weight but is detailed and warm”
  • “I’m curious where Min Hee Jin’s talent ends… In the midst of all this, she gives kind compliments and gifts… she’s the best CEOㅠ”
  • “The NewJeans members are raised with love”
  • “It’s so moving to hear her say good things to boost their self-esteem♥️”
  • “I feel like CEO Min has a special place in her heart for them because they’re the first idols she created after leaving SM Entertainment and making her own company; now that ADOR has made history with NewJeans, I can only imagine how much she adores and is proud of them”
  • “Min Hee Jin is the artist—it’s as simple as that”
  • “Wow, Min Hee Jin does the vocal direction, too? Whoa”
  • “If you get that support and feedback, you can’t help but do well”
  • “I f*cking love Min Hee Jin’s style; when people meet teachers like her, they always have good results for realㅠ”
  • “I can feel how Min Hee Jin treasures the members through her words”
  • “She’s a great CEO…”
  • “She’s pretty much like their mom hahahaha”
CEO Min Hee Jin | @min.hee.jin/Instagram

This uplifting energy seems to have worked wonders, as “Super Shy” is already stuck in everybody’s heads. Some speculated that it was Min Hee Jin’s supportive approach that may have contributed to NewJeans members being able to give their best performances while recording.


Min Hee Jin’s dedication to nurturing talent and creating a positive environment for her artists may be a winning formula for making hit songs!


Source: NewJeans/YouTube and @NewJeans_Shorts_Unofficial/YouTube