Netizens Are Flabbergasted By NewJeans’ Synchronization In Dance Practice Video For “Super Shy”

The freeze-frames speak for themselves.

Following the successes of “Hype Boy,” “OMG,” and “Ditto,” girl group NewJeans has returned with more catchy music to preoccupy people’s minds.

Members of NewJeans | @newjeans_official/Instagram

On July 7, NewJeans dropped a pre-release music video for their upcoming album Get Up. Titled after their own name, the song “NewJeans” had an easy-listening groove with repetitive but catchy lyrics. The music video was unique because each member was assigned a character in the form of the famous Cartoon Network character, “The Powerpuff Girls.”

On the same day, NewJeans released a second pre-lease music video for “Super Shy,” one of the five songs in Get Up. The music video showed NewJeans performing overseas with a lot of dancers in bright and colorful clothes. Netizens had mixed reviews about the music video and the song; some pointed out the song didn’t have enough Korean lyrics, while others loved it for what it was.

Shortly after, NewJeans uploaded the dance practice for “Super Shy.” This dance practice video was different from the others because it featured a lot of dancers, whereas, in previous dance practices, only the five NewJeans members danced.

Netizens expressed how impressed they are with the choreography, and they couldn’t help but be in awe at the synchronization of NewJeans and the dancers.

  • “This is the best group dance performance ever. Legendary. Let’s cheer for NewJeans until the end.”
  • “It’s so fascinating seeing the many people moving as one body, and I am, once again, amazed. Thank you NewJeans, for always making our eyes and ears happy!!😸💖🐰”
  • “Wow… Amazing… I wonder who made the choreography… Really… Shaking… Following idol challenges have now reached the level for it to be a diet!!! Fundamentally, Danielle’s dancing body line is really pretty~”

One netizen pointed out a specific part of the choreography that impressed them.


The part they were referring to is when NewJeans and the dancers start lined up in four straight lines, then slowly transition into diagonal lines—while waacking.

| NewJeans/YouTube

Some netizens seemed to like the waacking in the choreography as well.


Waacking is a dance that originated from gay clubs in Los Angeles in the 1970s. It is usually done to disco music and requires using rotational arm movements and posing.

NewJeans waacking | NewJeans/YouTube

Others found the “Super Shy” choreography to be one of the most technically challenging dances.

The cleanliness of the moves did not go unnoticed.

Freeze-frames from pausing at random parts of the video showed that the five NewJeans members and the 20 dancers were always in sync.


With 25 people waacking and moving formations all at the same time, it is not always easy to be perfectly in sync with one another. However, their sharp moves and synchronization are proof that they must have practiced a lot.


Watch the full dance practice here and witness the synchronicity.



Source: NewJeans/YouTube


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