NewJeans Drops The Music Video For “Super Shy” But Koreans Have Mixed Feelings About The Song

“It’s an English song basically.”

Girl group NewJeans just dropped the music video for “Super Shy.” “Super Shy” is one out of the five tracks on their upcoming mini album, Get Up.

A refreshing summer song, the song speaks of someone with a crush but they are too shy to tell their crush. Fans were also treated to transformations from the members.

Hanni shocked fans with blond hair.

Danielle was as angelic as ever in bangs.

Minji sported a few white streaks in her hair.

Haerin went for a sporty look with a headband and dirty blond hair.

We also got Danielle with a sleek high ponytail.

Hyein experimented with block highlights.

It seems like the blond hair might be extensions or wigs, for the girls also served dark haired looks.

While the public loved the easy-listening tune for the summer, a few were disappointed by the lack of Korean lyrics in the song. Almost 80% of the song was in English, due to the repetitive verses. The dance also left much to be desired.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • The refreshing and bubbly song is good. When I listen to NewJeans’ songs, they get better as I listen to them more, but this one is so pretty.
  • It’s so-so.
  • The choreography is like aerobics. It doesn’t suit [the song.] The MV is also pretty unique in composition.
  • The song is so boring and the MV is so-so too.
  • The song is so refreshing.
  • The song isn’t TikTok-like but it’s just kinda bland. The MV is pretty but I can’t listen to it well because most of the lyrics are in English.
  • Guess there was a reason Danielle gave a spoiler by saying it was refreshing. Listening to it with the MV, it’s totally fresh and cooling.
  • It’s insane, I love it.
  • It’s an English song basically.
  • All the lyrics are in English.

Tune in to the music video below!

Source: Theqoo