Brand Gives Out Free Items To BTS Fans After Jimin Helped The Brand Overcome A Difficult Time

A good influence on the world.

Fans recently held a birthday fan cafe event for BTS’s Jimin. As per tradition, they rented out an event space at a cafe. This time, it was held in Seongsu. A brand decided to lend a hand to the event, thanks to their special ties with Jimin and ARMY.

During Jimin’s promotions for “Like Crazy,” he gifted fans who came to watch his music shows with perfumed hand creams from the brand Niccier.

Fans who were unable to receive the door gifts made their own purchases online. This caused the brand’s items to experience a huge spike in sale.

Jimin’s gift set to fans being sold online.

As they helped the small cult brand achieve mainstream success, Niccier wanted to give back to ARMY. They contacted ALLFORJIMIN, the host of his fan cafe event.

Niccier contacted us saying that thanks to Jimin and the fans, they received help at a difficult time, and they wanted to convey their thanks. They will be providing 100 of their perfumed hand creams at the Wadiz Pop-up in Seongsu. You can receive our existing tin cases or the Niccier hand cream by order of arrival at the 2nd floor of the Wadiz birthday fan cafe.


The brand positioned two boxes of goods at the fan cafe event for fans to collect.

| theqoo

ARMY were treated to expensive hand cream sets thanks to Jimin.

The gifts at the fan cafe. | theqoo

The hand creams are sold for ₩51,000 KRW (about $37.70 USD) originally on the website. Looks like what goes around comes around! When BTS helps out a local brand, they always make sure to reward the fans in return.

Source: Theqoo