2PM’s Nichkun Requests For Restraining Order Against Female Stalker Was Rejected

She was causing him psychological stress

On July 6, 2020, 2PM‘s Nichkhun was reported to have filed a restraining order against a woman he reports had been following him for some time.

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Upon the injunction, both Nichkhun and the stalker, identified as Miss Kim, were questioned and told their sides of the stories.

From all the stalking done by Miss Kim, Nichkhun has been reported to have received a heavy amount of emotional and psychological distress.

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With concern for Nichkhun and his safety, JYP Entertainment stated that they were considering filing a lawsuit along with the restraining order.

We are also considering filing a lawsuit against Miss Kim, and we will take strong legal actions without any leniency. [Nichkhun] has continued to receive psychological stress, and it’s surmounted to a become a serious situation.

— JYP Entertainment

Fast forward to November 24, there have been statements in the legal social circle that claim Nichkhun’s restraining order has been denied.


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According to the court, Miss Kim revealed that she was planning to stop stalking Nichkhun:

At the date of the interrogation, Ms. Kim stated that he had no intention of pursuing Mr. Nichkhun anymore.” There is a risk of repeating the same actions in the future, as no data has been submitted that the same behavior has been done until now, three months later It’s difficult. However, if Ms. Kim approaches or contacts Nichkhun’s intention after the decision in this case, and interferes with his peaceful life or work, he can seek separate provisional disposition.

Many fans do not believe Miss Kim will suddenly stop her obsession with the idol and hope something will be done.

Source: Theqoo
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