He Beat EXO and TWICE…But Is Now Exposed As A Fraud

His company said he was popular, but then this happened.

Indie artist Nilo gained a lot of attention after he hit no. 1 on the Melon chart with “Pass By”, causing netizens to suspect his label Limez Entertainment was manipulating the charts.


Fans couldn’t believe he was able to beat TWICE, EXO, WINNER, and BIGBANG on the charts.


In fact, accusations were so strong that the president of the company even had to make a statement to his artists.

“Limez has never tampered with the charts. These allegations are false and I would like to express my sincere regret that these rumors persist. I would also like to apologize to all of our musicans who trusted in us.” — Lee Si Woo


Nilo later announced he would be holding a concert Feel So Good, a collaboration between PENOMECO, Babylon, and himself.


When tickets came out, they struggled to sell even a single ticket.

A screenshot from hours after the tickets went on sale.


Fans even started trolling Nilo, with the ticket site by reserving tickets to spell out messages to him.

Korean concerts allow customers to reserve tickets without paying. If payment isn’t made within 24 hours, the tickets are cancelled and made available again.


The messages mean: “manipulation (주작)“ and “fucking retard (개 ㅂㅅ=개병신).” (ㅗ) is a middle finger sign.


A few days before the concert was supposed to take place, it was suddenly cancelled.

“This performance has been cancelled. All reservations will be cancelled through Interpark. For quicker cancellation, you may cancel without any extra fees at Reservation/Cancellation.”

– Interpark (ticket website)


Limez Entertainment has not yet made any comments about the sudden cancellation. But it is likely that the concert was cancelled due to extremely low ticket sales.

Source: Media Us