Nine Muses Keumjo Finally Finds Her Dog, Reveals Bruises She Suffered During Process

Fans are worried.

Nine Muses‘s Keumjo previously sought help from fans and the community on social media to find her dog, Jerry.


And after 3 days of desperate searching, she was able to finally find her dog with the help of numerous fans and supporters.

Translation: “I thought everyone would be curious so…Jerry is knocked out ㅠ by far the longest 3-day walk”


But the process of finding her dog for days apparently left painful consequences. Keumjo shared an update photo of Jerry and the bruises the past couple of days left on her legs.

Translation: “Morning. Jerry and my bruises of honor ㅠㅠㅠ”


In a full shot of her legs, more bruises were visible but luckily, she did not seem to be in a serious condition considering the joking tone in her caption.

Translation: “The bruises I showed earlier were literally just one part ㅋㅋㅋㅋ the comments about the bruises are so funny. What an episode…”


Meanwhile, fans have been expressing their concern over the bruises all over her legs.

Source: Twitter