“Forgot To Switch Accounts” — Staff Behind NiziU’s Official Twitter Accidentally Comes Out As A Fan Of A Boy Group Member

Fans jokingly blamed the company instead.

When you’re in such a competitive industry as K-Pop, it’s no secret that there are many fans hired to work in the very same industry. After all, no one knows the target audience better than fans themselves! Things do get complicated when you accidentally bring your fangirl side to work though!

The social media staff behind NiziU’s official Twitter account accidentally revealed themselves to be a fan of THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo, when they tweeted a photo of him on NiziU’s account. They also accompanied the photo with the caption “Sunwoo time,” a Tweet format used by fans commonly to commemorate the time of day that matches up to the idol’s birthday. For example, Sunwoo’s birthday is April 12, meaning that “Sunwoo time” would be 4.12 am or pm.

The accidental tweet. | theqoo

As usual, the internet is alas, forever. Fans were quick to screenshot the accidental tweet, despite the fact that it was deleted within seconds. They teased the staff behind the account, taking it in good stride.

  • I’m somehow who works in the industry and is a fan too, and Sunwoo really is popular in the industry. Of course, THE BOYZ overall are popular though.
  • Isn’t it cute? They didn’t use profanities, neither were they overboard in their expression of love, neither did they criticize anyone. Isn’t it just considered cute that they’re commemorating his birthday hour?
  • What will they do? Even if you delete it on Twitter, there are times that it’s still visible on the timeline. It’s not a grave mistake that harms anyone, so I hope they don’t get scolded.
  • The company should give the staff a company phone.
  • The staff is using their own phone to update the social media with their precious time between other jobs…They didn’t use any profanities or anything, so isn’t this a mistake that you can overlook?
  • They didn’t criticize anyone or anything… It’s so stupid how people are making a fuss when they’re not a company member or anything even. Have you guys not made any mistakes at work…?
  • Aigoo, they’re fangirling/boying… It’s not like they announced they were going to shift jobs or cursed so just let it go.
  • Oh dear LOL.
  • This is all the fault of the company who made the workers do work using their personal phones. They should give them work phones at the very least, if they’re in charge of socials.

Looks like they simply forgot to switch accounts! A common and acceptable mistake, if you ask us.

Source: Theqoo


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