NMB48’s Yokono Sumire Embroiled In Messy Dating Scandal Involving Two Different Male Idols

There is photo proof.

NMB48 member Yokono Sumire has found herself in the middle of a potentially messy scandal. A Japanese media outlet has reported that the girl group member was captured coming out of two different hotels on two different occasions…with two different male idols.

Yokono Sumire | @yokono_sumire/Instagram

The first male idol involved is Kanjani Eight member, Yokoyama You. Yokono Sumire and Yokoyama You were photographed leaving the same hotel together, which is normally newsworthy on its own. Dating within the entertainment industry, especially in Asian countries has always been viewed in a negative light. This holds especially true when it involves popular idol group members.

Not only did their hotel photos shock the nation, but their age difference also contributed to the overall situation. Yokoyama You is 39-years-old, while Yokono Sumire is only 20-years-old.

Yokono Sumire | theqoo
Yokoyama You | theqoo

Just 6 days later, the shock factor was increased exponentially when the NMB48 member was seen leaving a different hotel with a different man. This time, Yokono Sumire was seen with Fukumoto Taisei, who is also a member of an idol boy group, A ぇ! Group. Perhaps what makes this entire situation even more surprising is the fact that all three idols are under the same agency.

Fukumoto Taisei | theqoo
Yokono Sumire and Fukumoto Taisei | theqoo

This scandal has not only rocked Japan, but the shock has made its way overseas into South Korea as well. Yokono Sumire has managed to amass a following with the Korean public due to her cute visuals, thus resulting in disbelief amongst her Korean fans.

Ever since the news went public, Yokono Sumire has been trending on several different Japanese online portals. The three idols’ entertainment label has yet to make an official statement on the situation, however, leaving fans to wonder about the truth.

Source: theqoo and Instagram