NMIXX’s BAE Reminds Netizens Of Suzy For The Most Unexpected Reason

They resemble each other in one very special aspect!

NMIXX‘s BAE is recently gaining attention for reminding netizens about Suzy!

BAE | @nmixxarchives/Twitter
Suzy | @skuukzky/Instagram

NMIXX recently made their debut with the album AD MARE and accompanying title track “O.O”, and due to BAE and Kyujin testing positive for COVID-19, delayed their debut showcase to March 1.

NMIXX | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

At the showcase, each member talked about themselves and their debut, but when it was BAE’s turn to talk, she introduced herself to fans and netizens, they immediately recognized her voice to be just like the voice of her former JYP Entertainment labelmate, Suzy!

They compared her voice and tone to Suzy, and were shocked at the similarity between the two!

  • I agree… As soon as I heard her voice, I felt that her voice was so similar to Suzy’sㅋㅋ
  • I’ve liked Suzy ever since her debut, so I watched that video many times because her voice sounds just like Suzy’s
  • BAE reminds me of Suzy when she was a rookieㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

You can listen to her talk here and judge for yourselves!

And check out the MV for NMIXX’s debut song “O.O” here!

Source: theqoo
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