These Are The Absolute Best And Worst Parts About Going On A World Tour, In The Eyes Of NMIXX

Here’s what the pros and cons are in a K-Pop idol’s POV.

NMIXX recently sat down for an interview with Nylon where they talked about their ongoing tour, Nice to Mixx You, in detail. They are currently visiting different countries around the globe to meet their fans and perform their hit songs.

There are good and bad parts about touring which they found out recently. Check them out below.

The Worst

1. Jetlag

To begin with the worst, the members find going on tour to be more tiring than expected. Besides having to perform on stage and travel from country to country without much rest in between, their body clocks are different as well.

[The hardest part is] suffering from the jet lag! I took a nap for seven hours on my day off, and I’ve been on Korean time since then.

— Haewon

Haewon even admitted that at the time of this interview, she was “actually still a little sleepy.”

2. Lack of Family Time

Another difficult part about having many performances globally is the inevitable feeling of homesickness. Sullyoon is the type of person who contacts her family often, but her busy schedule and their different time zones prevents them from finding a common time to connect.

I usually keep in touch with my parents often. The fact that it was difficult to contact my parents because of the different time zones was a bit disappointing.

— Sullyoon

The Best

1. Fans Cheering Them On

As for the best part about going on tour, the members unanimously agreed that it is their fans, NSWERs. They receive a great deal of energy from the cheers of the people who support them.

My favorite was NSWERs cheering us on and supporting us at the concert halls! I don’t think I can ever erase that from my memory.

— Sullyoon

Kyujin added, “I remember NSWERs controlling the MIXXTICK at the Atlanta show and swimming with the other members at hotel in Dallas!”

2. Sightseeing

Finally, the girls also loved being able to travel and visit new places thanks to having concerts in various cities around the globe.

Lily in Paris | @nmixx_official/Instagram

Bae, in particular, found Los Angeles to be her favorite city. It was fun to be able to go shopping and take photos with her members.

For me it was L.A.! Sullyoon and I shopped, visited a famous market, and took pictures at L.A. It was so much fun! That’s why it was the most memorable for me.

— Bae

Bae in L.A | @nmixx_official/Instagram
Source: Nylon


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