NMIXX Fans Are Floored By The Members’ Impressive Live Vocals In Their Dance Practice Video For “Love Me Like This”

“Woah crazy they’re so good at live, seriously they sound so clear.”

On March 20, NMIXX released their latest album, expérgo, featuring six songs including the title track “Love Me Like This”. The song and music video were overall well-received, and fans of the group have enjoyed the chance that the album gave each member to show off their phenomenal vocal skills. Even the line distributions for the album were some of the fairest that have been seen for a K-Pop girl group.

The choreography showcased in the music video for “Love Me Like This” had fans excited to see the full dance, and earlier today, NMIXX released a dance practice video.

NMIXX in their dance practice video | JYP Entertainment

But it wasn’t just any normal dance practice video — it also featured live vocals performed by the members while they were dancing, which isn’t very common!

Despite the difficult choreography, all of the members of NMIXX were able to keep up with both the dance as well as keep their voices clear and stable without any sign of strain one might expect.

They’re not the first group from JYP Entertainment to release a dance practice video with live vocals, either. ITZY has also shared videos like this, and has received the same kind of praise that NMIXX is now earning themselves.

The dance practice video for “Love Me Like This” was brought up as the topic of a post on a Korean forum, where fans shared their amazement at just how talented the members of NMIXX are.

We can’t wait to see what this promising and talented rookie girl group have in store for us next!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa