NMIXX’s Leader Haewon Gains Attention For Her Innocent And Classic Korean Visuals In These Photos

Netizens absolutely adore her visuals!

NMIXX, JYP Entertainment‘s latest girl group, made their debut recently to great hype, and have been a hot topic for their songs, their talents, and their visuals!

NMIXX | JYP Entertainment

So far, member Sullyoon has been receiving a great deal of attention for her gorgeous looks, and netizens everywhere are falling in love with her beauty!

Sullyoon | @NMIXX_official/Instagram

And now, they’re praising another member for her good looks! Leader and main vocalist Haewon has recently caught their eye; they couldn’t help but notice how pretty she is!

Haewon | theqoo

They complimented her big, bright eyes and delicate features, and are loving her gorgeous smile!

| @NMIXX_official/Instagram

Haewon can pull off a warm, classy vibe…

…and also be cute as a button!

| @NMIXX_official/Instagram
| NMIXX_official/Instagram

Netizens can’t get over what a visual queen she is!

  • She’s seriously so prettyㅋㅋㅋ
  • She’s innocent, pretty, good at singing and dancing
  • Haewon is so pretty and cute ㅠㅠ

Who wouldn’t fall for this beauty!

NMIXX recently made their debut with the single album AD MARE and title track “O.O”. While you’re here, you can check out their debut MV here!

Source: theqoo