Netizens Raise Anger After Images Of Jinni Are Removed From NMIXX’s Official Instagram Account

The number of posts dropped by almost half!

On December 9, netizens were shocked when JYP Entertainment announced that Jinni would be leaving NMIXX due to personal reasons. Although the members continued their schedules, it has still been a hard time for fans and the members.

Following the announcement, fans have raised anger at JYP’s actions on the group’s social media account.

Jinni | @nmixx_official/Instagram

After the announcement, it wasn’t surprising that netizens couldn’t hide their sadness. In particular, after training for so long, it seemed like Jinni was finally living her dream for it to end less than a year after debuting.

On December 14, both Korean and international netizens noticed that there was a huge change on the group’s Instagram account.

When looking at comparisons between the information seen at the top of the account, @nmixx_official previously had 1328 posts from the members, ranging from their debut to the recent 2022 AAA Awards.

NMIXX’s Instagram page prior to December 14 (KST) | theqoo

Yet, at the time of writing (6PM KST), that number had nearly halved, with the information on the page reading that there were only 728 posts.

NMIXX Instagram, after deleting over half the images.

After looking at the posts, fans realized that aside from pictures of the members as a group, the page had removed all solo pictures of Jinni that had been posted and also ones of her with other members.

Even during recent promotions, all of the images Jinni shared had been deleted.

While it isn’t uncommon for companies to remove former members from social media, the fact that it was done so quickly and made such an impact on the account was shocking to fans.

When many noticed what was happening, they shared their anger on social media. Many explained that although her contract was terminated, it was disrespectful to the group and fans to remove the pictures.

Even Korean fans shared their anger, explaining why they were deleting the photos and pointing out how disrespectful it is for NMIXX fans.

| theqoo

Although no content of Jinni by herself has been deleted from Twitter, it is still a huge blow for NMIXX fans. For someone who left due to personal reasons, it seems unfair to try and erase Jinni from the group’s history in such a public way.

You can read more about JYP’s actions following Jinni’s termination below.

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Source: theqoo

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