NMIXX’s Jiwoo Is Getting Praised For Recent Visuals

“She’s pretty and has always been pretty.”

NMIXX‘s latest title track, “Dash”, has been getting a lot of positive responses from K-Pop fans, and has already won the group four music show awards! With this, it has become by far their most-awarded song, with “Love Me Like This” being their only other song so far with a music show win.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of an upward trend for NMIXX after the girl group has been met with mixed opinions due to the unusual sound of their songs, though it hasn’t been any fault of the members and their incredible talents. Powerful vocalists and performers alike, the girls have been able to really showcase their abilities with this most recent comeback!

Along with this recent release and awards, netizens have been drawn to Jiwoo lately, with a forum post made online with the sole purpose to praise her visuals.

Jiwoo (NMIXX) | Pann Nate
| Pann Nate

Not only is Jiwoo a natural beauty, but her charisma and energy on stage draws a lot of attention to her, which only adds to her appeal.

Her stylists have been creative with her recent outfits and makeup too, which is always a fun addition to any performance.

She’s definitely a well-rounded K-Pop idol in many ways that deserves to be recognized!

Here’s how K-Pop fans are reacting to Jiwoo’s pretty visuals in the comments of the forum post.

We hope that Jiwoo gets to see all the love and support she’s been receiving lately!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa