NMIXX’s Jiwoo Gains Attention For Her Immense Professionalism At KCON

She shined in her performances!

NMIXX recently took the stage for the KCON 2022 Premier in Korea, and the group blew fans away with their incredible performances.

| @KCON_official/Twitter

Fans were captivated by NMIXX’s impressive performances of “O.O” and “TANK.”

| @NMIXX_official/Twitter

They were incredibly impressed with NMIXX’s charisma and their live vocal skills.

And fans were also shocked by NMIXX’s incredible cover of their fellow JYP Entertainment labelmate Stray Kids‘ “Thunderous.”

| @NMIXX_official/Twitter

With the difficult choreography, fans couldn’t help but be in awe of NMIXX’s phenomenal cover.

And with the focus being on NMIXX’s outstanding performances, fans were shocked when they noticed that Jiwoo had actually injured herself during one of the performances.

The talented idol must have scraped her knee during one of the performances but was so professional that fans had no idea.

Instead, most fans were focused on her impressive rap skills and powerful energy, especially during the “Thunderous” performance.

And while hopefully, Jiwoo’s injury heals quickly, fans can’t help but be incredibly proud of her professionalism. And are looking forward to what skills NMIXX will continue to show in the future.


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