Netizens Express Concern Over NMIXX Jiwoo’s Apparent Sudden And Drastic Weightloss

“The obsession with her weight is so weird and sad to me when she’s literally a minor…”

On February 2, NMIXX‘s Jiwoo attended the Loewe x Howl’s Moving Castle pop-up store with the rest of the group’s members. Dressed in an adorable blue outfit featuring the character Calcifer, the rookie K-Pop idol drew a lot of attention for her beautiful visuals.

Jiwoo (NMIXX)

With long bangs and her hair tied into a simple braid, she received praise and compliments for her appearance at the event.

While she did look as gorgeous as always, however, netizens couldn’t help but notice that the NMIXX member seems to have drastically lost weight in recent times.

The photos were shared on an online Korean forum, where several comments were made regarding her weight, and that she looks “better” and “healthier” now than she did at debut.

Others shared their concern for Jiwoo, though. K-Pop idols are known for going on drastic and sometimes dangerous diets in order to lose weight quickly, and fans are worried that Jiwoo might have resorted to something like that in order to reach the weight she is now.

The fact that she’s only 17 makes fans even more concerned, since she’s likely still growing and developing at her young age.

We hope that she was able to work at her own pace in a safe and healthy way to reach this weight, and that it was her own choice and not due to pressure from her company and cruel comments from netizens.

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa