NMIXX’s Jiwoo’s Visuals Are So Legendary, She Should Be In A Manhwa According To Netizens

She’s a beauty among beauties!

NMIXX is a rare K-Pop group that doesn’t have an official visual (or visuals). It can be argued that all of the members have such visual status that it’s impossible to determine one among all of them!

NMIXX | JYP Entertainment

All of the members are charming and beautiful in their own ways (along with being incredibly multi-talented and charismatic on stage), but recently one member in particular has been gaining attention online for her beauty.

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Jiwoo is part of the group’s so-called “Bermuda Line” — which also consists of Sullyoon and Jinni — the trio of members in a K-Pop group who are especially praised for their visuals. And in a group with so many beauties like NMIXX, they still do stand out in their own way!

Jiwoo (NMIXX) | SBS

Jiwoo, however, is the subject of a post on an online Korean forum discussing her particular beauty.


Titled “Wow seriously, I was freaking shocked when I saw NMIXX’s Jiwoo”, the post shares a series of screenshots taken recently of the NMIXX member that prove she belongs in the group’s unofficial “Bermuda Line”.

The author goes on to write on the post, “Seriously too pretty… Wow seriously, I feel like I’m going crazy. She looks like someone straight out of a manhwa… Too pretty.” Manhwas are a style of South Korean comics and visual novels that tend to have very pretty art styles, and suggesting that Jiwoo belongs in one is definitely a compliment.

Korean netizens have commented on the post with similar opinions towards Jiwoo’s incredibly pretty visuals!

  • “I’m not a fan of them and I’m just a muggle who watches female idols’ self-made contents and I really find Jiwoo seriously pretty. She looks like actress Lee Seyoung + Jung Hyesung?”
  • “In my opinion, NMIXX’s Bermuda are Sullyoon, Jinni and Jiwooㅇㅇ”
  • “Freaking pretty. Personally, I think that she’s the most traditionally pretty kid in NMIXX”
  • “This was taken with a phone camera… Jiwoo is f*cking pretty”

International fans have chimed in with similar sentiments as well.

  • “Finally. A post that appreciates jiwoo’s beauty 😭😭”
  • “NMIXX is a bunch of pretty kids!!”
  • “She’s visual indeed.”
  • “jiwoo is sooooooooo pretty. her facial features are so big and like glittery? idk how to describe it but she just shines. she’s also super talented- jyp found a gem with her”
  • “It’s so hard to find bias in NMIXX cos they’re all so charming. Jiwoo stole my heart after watching their last weekly idol. She is so cute”
  • “her facial features are so pretty! and such a beautiful eyes. baby jiwoo is so cute 🥺”

It’s great to see members of NMIXX getting individually praised by netizens, and there are sure to be more to come in the future as their career continues!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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