NMIXX’s Members Are Allegedly Struck By Drones During “K-909” Recording Accident — Stage Catches On Fire, People Faint

The show’s staff allegedly did not let the audience leave despite the fire.

NMIXX‘s stage during the recording for JTBC music show K-909 is said to have gone horribly wrong.

NMIXX | Yonhap News

On July 10, several netizens on Twitter claimed that NMIXX’s performance during a taping of JTBC’s K-909 went incredibly wrong.

NMIXX’s K-909 filming was the worst. The stage was set on fire, a person fainted, and a drone ripped the maknae’s hair.

It was seriously a shocking and scary incident. Rather than listen to their song, we focused on running away.

— @KPOP_NARO/Twitter

My thoughts after attending K909‘s recording.

The set was so pretty, but because they didn’t take care of something, the stage caught on fire but because they didn’t evacuate people, someone fainted. They did apologize, and because they didn’t let us leave, we were all exhausted. The song was good, but a drone got caught in Kyujin’s hair. I won’t ever go to another recording.

— @zdifkfc/Twitter

Netizens further claimed that Lily was also hit by a drone but that, thankfully, the girls didn’t sustain any major injuries.

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: @sullkyu/Twitter


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