NMIXX Lily’s Birthday Live Stream Gets Interrupted In The Most Chaotic Way, And Fans Believe They Have Their Main Suspects

The chaotic clip is going viral!

NMIXX‘s Lily celebrated her birthday on October 17, and one clip from the live stream she held is going viral for the most chaotic reason.

NMIXX’s Lily | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

Lily made her debut with NMIXX in February of 2022. The group has since then gained much praise for its impressive choreographies and for the members’ undeniable talent.

But they have also gone viral for their lovable relationship with the rest of the “JYP Family.” Lily in particular is known to be besties with fellow Australian idol Stray KidsBang Chan, whom she became close with during her trainee days at JYP Entertainment.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @realstraykids/Instagram

The two of them even went viral for their friendship at this year’s Idol Star Athletic Championship

…making fans laugh at the unusual way in which Bang Chan approached her.

Now, it seems like yet another “interaction” is going viral after Lily’s birthday live stream. Fans were already enjoying the chaotic vibes…

…but there was one moment that stood out in particular, and that was when Stray Kids (seemingly) made themselves heard. Literally.

Lily was left hilariously surprised by the loud screams, even turning to staff to ask about the noise. While it’s hard to tell who it was for sure, many fans thought the screams sounded familiar…

…leaving few doubts as to the identity of the chaotic screamers in the background of Lily’s birthday live stream. After all, this wouldn’t be the first time Stray Kids interrupted someone in this way…

…including that time they made themselves heard in GOT7‘s live stream.

Stray Kids are once again proving that they are the kings of chaos!

Source: VLIVE
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