NMIXX’s Lily Is Going Viral For Her “Questionable” Advice On The Most Unexpected Topic

It might be worth taking her words with a pinch of salt! 😂

Although K-Pop idols are known for singing, dancing, and being visuals, many of them are also known for giving amazing advice and being role models to fans. In particular, NMIXX‘s Lily made netizens LOL with the most unexpected advice to fans on the most unexpected topic.

NMIXX’s Lily | @WE_NMIXX/Twitter

Of course, since debuting, Lily has been known for her amazing vocals and stage presence whenever she is performing.


Through interviews and her own live broadcasts, the idol has showcased her charm and personality, going viral on various occasions for being relatable AF and sometimes just very random and unexpected.

Recently, Lily and fellow NMIXX member Haewon appeared on the loved “PSICK SHOW.”

As expected, the two idols showcased their charm throughout, but one moment particularly had fans LOL’ing.

Towards the end of the video, one of the hosts asked Lily to share some advice to fans watching who are in their 30s. Considering how young Lily is, it wouldn’t have been surprising if she wasn’t too sure of what to say or kept it general.

Yet, netizens were shocked when Lily started speaking… and her advice was financial and all about interest rates.

Hi, I know the interest rates are really down these days and also like, you know the economy is kind of pretty bad. So make sure, don’t invest in anything right now.

— Lily

Lily also hilariously gave her own advice to fans on how she thinks they should manage the money in the current market.

Leave it a couple of years, okay? Wait, keep your money, save it and then wait five years and then invest once the market gets better, okay.

— Lily

It wasn’t surprising that the hosts couldn’t get enough of Lily’s unexpected response.

On the internet, netizens also couldn’t get over how hilarious Lily was and just how unexpected the advice was. Although it might not be the best to follow it, they loved how much passion Lily had when saying it, hitting back at haters who thought she was being serious.

As always, Lily definitely has one of the best senses of humor in K-Pop, and it’s why fans love her so much.

Source: Psick Univ