NMIXX’s Lily Spills On Her Overseas Trips With Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And ITZY’s Chaeryeong

Lily experienced new things with the two idols.

During the recent airing of Leisure With Lily, NMIXX‘s Lily shared a few pre-debut memories, including the overseas trips she took with a fellow member, Stray KidsBang Chan, and ITZY‘s Chaeryeong.


When Lily and Haewon ranked in the top two for a JYP Entertainment evaluation, they were rewarded with a camp trip to Los Angeles, California. Lily revealed that wasn’t the only overseas trip she took during their trainee days.

Pre-debut Haewon and Lily in LA. | @777NSWER777/Twitter

Lily and fellow Aussie Bang Chan both ranked high in another evaluation, winning the chance to go to the Big Apple for a camp trip.

I did go to New York with Chris oppa. It was when we were trainees. The camp thing…

— Lily

Not only did Lily get to visit such major cities in the United States, but she also headed to Japan with an ITZY member. Lily revealed, “I also went to Tokyo with Chaeryeong unnie.

Since Lily called herself a “country girl” when she was young, she explained how exciting and scary it was to visit such big cities. Lily also recalled how Bang Chan and a staff member helped her navigate the chaos.

The trainer unnie and Chris oppa had to keep pushing me, like, ‘Lily, Lily! Go this way! This way!’ I was lost because there were so many people, and it was my first time in such a big city like New York. Wow, New York is scary.

— Lily

Fortunately, Lily had the company of Bang Chan, who could understand a bit of how different New York would feel compared to the slower pace of Australia.

Bang Chan | @buzzrhythm/Instagram

And Chaeryeong was able to make Lily’s first experience in Japan full of fun times.

Chaeryeong | Weibo
Source: Naver Live