Newest JYP Girl Group NMIXX’s Sullyoon Gains Attention For Her Flawless Visuals… Before The Group Has Even Debuted

She even has an array of fansites!

In 2021, JYP Entertainment announced they would be debuting a new girl group and slowly revealed all of the members. The group recently announced that it is called NMIXX, and the debut date was set for February 22.

Yet, even though they haven’t debuted, it seems as if fans cannot get enough of the members.

NMIXX logo | JYP Entertainment/ YouTube

The group recently finished filming for their upcoming episode of Weekly Idol. The group gained a lot of attention for their stunning visuals, and bright personalities as all seven of the members were finally seen together.

Members of NMIXX | @NMIXXpics_/ Twitter

Yet, one member has recently caught the attention of fans for her visuals and its member Sullyoon, who is known as the “Monster Rookie” after being accepted by the “Big 3” K-Pop agencies, alongside others.

Since she was announced as a member, fans have been obsessed with her visuals. Some netizens have even compared her to TWICE‘s Tzuyu and Sana.

JYPn’s Sullyoon | JYP Entertainment
| NMIXX/ Youtube       

Well, it seems as if her visuals have struck again. After the excitement ahead of their Weekly Idol episode, fans started posting fan images of the members heading to and from the schedule. Although all the members gained attention, Sullyoon’s images went viral, with netizens praising her visuals.

In particular, despite wearing a mask, netizens spoke about her looks and couldn’t stop praising her features, including a small face and big eyes.

| @apricity_yoon/Twitter
| @XsYoonX/Twitter

Although Sullyoon was wearing a simple black top and grey skirt, her proportions looked out of this world, and her hair seemed like it came straight out of a movie. Many netizens couldn’t get over the fact that JYP Entertainment always seems to get the prettiest idols.

| @Specialyoon126/Twitter
| @apricity_yoon/ Twitter
| @Specialyoon126/ Twitter

On the Korean forum, netizens couldn’t stop gushing about the pictures, replying, “Wow, she’s crazy,” and  Her eyes steal the show…”

Even international fans on social media couldn’t get over Sullyoon’s visuals, sharing how excited they are to see her debut in the group. Many even pointed out that she could be the newest visual from fourth-generation girl groups. They were also in shock at the number of fansites she had, despite not even debuting.

Considering all the attention that NMIXX has already received before they’ve even debuted, there is no denying they are a possible force to be reckoned with.

Yet, despite their stunning visuals, there is no denying that they are all talented, and Sullyoon is no different, especially after watching her introduction video.

| JYPn/ YouTube

With only a week or so until their debut, fans are increasingly getting excited about the newest girl group on the scene. You can read more about all Sullyoon below.

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Source: NMIXXpics_ and Pann Choa