NMIXX’s Sullyoon Is The Center Of Attention In Journalist Pictures On Her Way To Paris

“She should hire someone to hold a fan just out of frame wherever she goes bc her hair blowing is ethereal.”

Earlier today, NMIXX had heads turning as they appeared at the 2023 Paris Fashion Week as the global ambassadors for LOEWE.

But even prior to their arrival in Paris, Sullyoon was already being praised for her ethereal visuals while at the airport on the group’s way to the fashion show!

Sullyoon (NMIXX) | SBS

With the wind seemingly blowing in a way that would have most people’s hair in tangles, Sullyoon’s long locks flowed around her in effortlessly pretty waves.

She looked so effortlessly elegant and pretty, the photos taken by journalists made it seem more like an actual photoshoot than just candid photos taken at the airport.

Just from these photos alone, it’s easy to see why Sullyoon has earned so much praise for her visuals ever since NMIXX debuted.

The images were shared on an online Korean forum, where netizens shared their admiration and awe for Sullyoon’s beauty!

| Pann Nate

  • WTF, the first picture?! She looks like a goddess sent from the heavens. Seriously…
  • Wow… She’s such a vision. An angel, indeed
  • She reminds me of a freakishly gorgeous deer
  • Whoa, straight out of a movie
  • Out of this world…


International fans also commented on the pictures, sharing similar sentiments.

It just seems like it’s impossible for Sullyoon to take a bad photo!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa