NMIXX’s Sullyoon Pushed By Fan Sparking Concerns For Idols’ Safety

“This is a mess…”

Netizens are concerned after NMIXX‘s Sullyoon was pushed by a fan.


On February 2, Sullyoon was walking into KBS for Music Bank rehearsals when one fan bumped into the idol.

According to reporters who were at the scene, many fans were waiting to see the artists entering the building. Although there were some fans who stood behind a barricade as instructed, other fans are said to have run after idols with their phones and cameras, following their every movement.

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It’s being reported that one of these fans bumped into Sullyoon. The fan, who was walking behind Sullyoon, pushed through the idol, bumping into her shoulder. Although Sullyoon wasn’t hurt, fans were concerned that a fan was able to get so close to the idol in the first place.


Reports state that onlookers responded by stating, “I feel so bad for Sullyoon,”I’m glad Sullyoon didn’t get hurt,” “They need to make the area safer,” “This is a mess,” and “I felt so bad seeing Sullyoon get pushed.”

Meanwhile, Sullyoon’s NMIXX is receiving praise for their latest single, “Dash.” You can check out the music video in the link below.

Source: xports news