NMIXX’s Sullyoon Gains Attention For Her Pre-Debut Pictures, Proving Why She Was Accepted Into The “Big 3” K-Pop Companies

She was dubbed the “Monster Rookie!”

Although the newest JYP Entertainment group NMIXX hasn’t had the easiest debuts, the members are undoubtedly taking over the world of K-Pop, and netizens always seem to be talking about them. Their debut track “O.O” might not have been to everyone’s taste, but the group has been praised for their talent, visuals, and charisma.

Members of NMIXX | @NMIXX_Official/ Twitter

Yet, one member who immediately caught the attention of fans since she was introduced was member Sullyoon. Whether it was the comparisons to TWICE‘s Tzuyu, her huge fanbase before even debuting, and her iconic ending fairy, Sullyoon is becoming the newest 4th generation “IT” girl.

NMIXX’s Sullyoon | @nmixx_official/ Instagram

With the group’s rising popularity, netizens recently shared some of Sullyoon’s pre-debut pictures on a forum, and there is no denying that she has always had something special that meant she was destined to be an idol.

| theqoo
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When the images were shared, netizens couldn’t get over the visuals from Sullyoon.

Even before the group debuted and JYP released the teasers for each of the members, Sullyoon gained attention for her flawless performance and visuals that seemed unreal.

| JYPn/ YouTube
| JYP Entertainment 

Yet, the main topic of the forum wasn’t just about Sullyoon’s visuals. In particular, netizens discussed the fact that all of these images were evidence of why Sullyoon has been dubbed the “Monster Rookie” for years.

According to many online sources, before being cast through a private audition for JYP and joining the company in 2020, Sullyoon also succeeded in auditioning for YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment. For many, this is a huge achievement as they are seen as the “Big 3” K-Pop companies.

If that wasn’t enough, in the same post, netizens noticed that alongside these companies, Sullyoon also passed auditions for more companies before eventually joining JYP.

According to netizens, she passed the audition for TS Entertainment in 2017 but also went on to succeed in trying out for Fantagio, FNC Entertainment, and was a trainee for Woollim Entertainment. It shows that the idol actually passed auditions for six of the most well-known companies in Korea.

| JYPn/ YouTube

It seems as if Sullyoon has showcased her true talent over the years and why her visuals alone didn’t carry her through the industry. Even during their latest performances of their debut track, “O.O,” Sullyoon has showcased that her reputation isn’t just words and that she can back it all up.

| M2/ YouTube
| SBSKpop/ YouTube 

Sullyoon might just have debated, but netizens already can’t get enough of the idol. Even in real life and unedited photos, Sullyoon continues to shine. There is no doubt that she and the rest of NMIXX will be a force to be reckoned with.

Source: SBS