NMIXX Sullyoon’s Private Instagram Gets Leaked, Netizens React

They’ve wasted their time if they thought something would come out of her account.

Recently, an online community board revealed that another social media account had leaked NMIXX Sullyoon’s private Instagram account.

However, the leaked photos of her private Instagram story only revealed snippets of her daily life, such as selfies and more.


K-Netizens that saw this weren’t phased at all as it only just proved how clean Sullyoon was even in her personal life.

Netizen comments | Nate Pann
  • “The problem is the people who dig these things up. Photos like this are just wholesome to see.”
  • “Idols all have private Instagram accounts anyway. It’s the people who find these things that are crazy. Don’t buy into their madness.”
  • “I love how cute she is. It makes me like her more. Honestly, all idols have their private accounts.”
  • “This just shows how clean her private life is.”
  • “The only thing the wreckers got out of this is proving how clean and innocent she is.”
  • “Sullyoon seems like a really sweet person.”

International fans also felt that the user who dug this up were just wasting their time.

Back in 2022, Sullyoon’s alleged private X (Twitter) account was leaked, with fans arguing over whether it was actually her.

NMIXX Sullyoon’s Alleged Private Twitter Account Leaked, Netizens Argue Over Its Legitimacy

Source: nate pann


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