Netizens Are Simping Over NMIXX’s Sullyoon’s Gorgeous Profile While She Takes Off A Face Mask

And honestly, same 😍

Though NMIXX only debuted a little over three months ago, member Sullyoon has quickly become well-known for her stunning visuals. And it’s easy to see why!

Though the group doesn’t have any official positions besides for their leader, Haewon, due to each member’s all-rounder abilities, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Sullyoon had the visual position if they did!

A recent post on a community forum brought up the subject of Sullyoon’s beauty in what is perhaps an unexpected way. In the post, netizens gush over how stunning the idol is just by taking off a face mask!

She has the perfect side profile in the gifs and photos taken, and some have said that Sullyoon has been the “biggest victim” of the mask-wearing requirements since they hide her beauty.

Some comments from the post include:

“I feel like she’s the top visual of the 4th generation.”

“She really looks like a character of a romantic fantasy story.”

“Her visuals are so perfect, she’s tall and she’s good at singing, she has everything.”

“That video is so shocking that I am at lost for words.”

Hopefully as the days pass and we continue to move out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ll get to see Sullyoon’s gorgeous visuals more often!

Source: Pann Nate